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MABUX: Global bunker prices to rebound on June 02.

MABUX World Bunker Index (as index calculated on current prices for 380 HSFO, VLSFO and MGO) continued trending down on Jun. 01:

380 HSFO - USD/MT - 467.20 (-7.28)

VLSFO - USD/MT – 585.54 (-2.44)

MGO - USD/MT – 765.62 (-8.37)

As of Jun. 01, the MABUX MBP/DBP Index (MDI) (the correlation between market bunker prices (MBP) and the MABUX digital bunker price benchmark (DBP), recorded the following changes:

- HSFO segment: the underprice premium declined in all selected ports, ranging from $3 to $13, except for Singapore, where the MDI remained unchanged.

- VLSFO segment: the undercharge ratio did not show any significant changes, with a slight increase in Fujairah but a decrease in Rotterdam. Houston remained unchanged. Singapore continued to be the only overpriced port, with the overcharge premium slightly increasing by $3.

- MGO LS segment: the undervalue margins narrowed Rotterdam by $6 and in Singapore by $9 but widened in Houston by $15. The overprice premium increased in Fujairah by $11.

We expect Global bunker indices to change in an uptrend on Jun. 02: 380 HSFO –plus 5-10 USD/MT, VLSFO – plus 5-12 USD/MT, MGO LS –plus 7-15 USD/MT.