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MABUX DBP Index, Mar.24, 2021

As of March 24, a correlation of MBP Index (Market Bunker Prices) vs DBP Index (Digital Bunker Prices = MABUX Digital Benchmark) in four largest global hubs showed that 380 HSFO fuel remained undervalued in two selected ports: minus $ 9 (Singapore) and minus $ 14 (Rotterdam). At the same time, the DBP Index showed an overpricing of 380 HSFOs by $ 11 in the port of Fujairah and by $ 7 in the port of Houston. Only one port, according to DBP Index, recorded an undercharging of VLSFO: Singapore - minus 15. At the other three ports, VLSFO fuel was overcharged in the range from plus $ 5 in Rotterdam to plus $ 44 in Houston. MGO LS, according to DBP Index, remained underpriced in three selected ports: from minus $ 8 in Fujairah to minus $ 41 in Singapore, while in Houston it was registered overcharge by $ 37.