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MABUX: Global bunker prices to drift lower on Nov.24

MABUX World Bunker Index (as index calculated on current prices for 380 HSFO, VLSFO and MGO) demonstrated slight upward correction on Nov.23:

380 HSFO - USD/MT – 503.54 (+1.36)

VLSFO - USD/MT – 720.95 (+6.32)

MGO - USD/MT – 1 087.13 (+1.14)

As of November 23, the MABUX MBP/DBP Index (MDI) (comparison of market bunker prices vs. the MABUX digital bunker price benchmark) registered underpricing at all four selected ports in the HSFO segment, the only overpricing of VLSFO at the port of Singapore, and decrease of overprice premium in the MGO LS segment.

We expect global bunker indices to edge downwards on Nov.24: 380 HSFO – minus 8-12 USD/MT, VLSFO –minus 10-18 USD/MT, MGO LS – minus 15-25 USD/MT.