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MABUX: bunker prices may change irregularly on Apr.27.

MABUX World Bunker Index (consists of a range of prices for 380 HSFO, VLSFO and MGO in the main world hubs) demonstrated slight irregular changes on Apr.26:

380 HSFO - USD/MT – 418.54 (-0.44)

VLSFO - USD/MT – 510.76 (+2.34)

MGO - USD/MT – 586.20 (+1.93)

As of April 26, a correlation of MBP Index (Market Bunker Prices) vs DBP Index (Digital Bunker Prices = MABUX Digital Benchmark) in four largest global hubs showed that 380 HSFO fuel remained undercharged in all four selected ports in a range from minus $4 (Houston) to minus $30 (Singapore).

According to DBP Index, VLSFO was underestimated in Rotterdam (minus $18), Singapore (minus $31) and Fujairah (minus $21). In Houston this fuel grade is still overcharged by plus $9.

As per DBP Index, MGO LS remained undervalued in all selected ports in a range from minus $3 (Houston) to minus $47 (Rotterdam).

We expect bunker prices may demonstrate slight irregular changes today in a range of plus/minus 1-3 USD.