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Bunker Global Open Directory (Free Usage)

Welcome to our International Directory for Suppliers, Traders and Brokers. This Directory is far from being complete and it will probably never be, but it is our aim to come as close as possible. It is also our aim to have the Directory updated continuously by allowing bunker industry participants to be able to publish their own information for free.

The company information in the Directory can be searched in three different ways:

Once you have found your desired company, just click on the "Company name" and more detailed contact information will appear. If you want to go back to the search results, please use the browser's "back" button.

The Lists

The search results are placed in two lists.

One is called "Primary List" and placed above "Ordinary List" - is for the companies who have paid for their placement in this list. The price for such listing is 150 EUR/year. Another option is to list the Company in "Primary List" with a logo linked to Company's site or business card made by MABUX. It costs extra 100 EUR/year. All companies are thereafter listed in alphabetical sequence.

The second list is called "Ordinary List" and is for those companies that do not want to spend any extra money to come higher up. All companies are listed in alphabetical sequence as well.

Any Questions?

If you feel that your company or any other company for that matter should or should not be part of the Directory, please feel free to notify us by sending an email to


The Directory is just a part of MABUX, separated from the main website ( for the convenience of its users. MABUX is a tailor-made website for the marine bunker industry, that provides necessary tools and information required for every participant of bunker industry. Among MABUX features:

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